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Safe empty pallet handling is an important part of any industrial safety equipment, as it helps to reduce worker related injuries arising from manually handling empty pallets in full case order picking operations. This, in turn, leads to a reduction in worker compensation claims, as well as more organized picking areas. Safe empty pallet handling equipment can help to ensure that workers are properly protected and that the workplace is kept safe. This is why we have developed the FY-1 Empty Pallet Handler, at the request of our customers, to produce a valuable device specifically designed to reduce the risk of injury when manually handling empty pallets.

Safety is always a concern in the workplace, manually stacking pallets becomes very strenuous on the mind and body. The FY-1 allows for a safer work environment. By incorporating the FY-1 into your process you will minimize the lifting of heavy pallets.

The basic premise for the unit is to safely stack pallets up to 7 high with minimal lifting or bodily strain. Because of this many secondary benefits were quickly realized by the end users once the FY-1 was added to their pick modules.

 By loading the empty pallets on end, the center of gravity stays close to the employees body. In typical past installations the pallets have to be loaded horizontally away from the body causing serious injury. Injuries such as muscle strains, joint dislocations and lacerations.

Proper stacking, less fatigue on the worker will result in a more efficient work process and promoting a safer more productive work environment.

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